100% natural gift box!

A special set for face and body care 100% natural. Includes a Black body wash soap, the face serum skin revival, a black liquid saop without perfum for baby, face and body and a Provence body liquid soap pippermint.

Black body wash soap. 80% olive pomace oil. Without perfum. Thanks to its base formula made with 80% olive oil and 20% coconut oil at saponification, this SUPERFATTED liquid soap feeds your skin with all the natural active ingredients and vitamins that your skin needs.
The Serum. Skin revival. Enriched with 7 natural actives.
This face and neck beauty care product is a non fatty serum. Without preservatives, without water, it is composed with 100% ingredients from natural origin. Its surprising and soft texture, its delicate smell and the natural power of the properties it contains, will reveal your skin tone. With its immediate absorption, this elixir must be your must-have beauty companion.

Gentle facial soap 100% natural. With primrose natural extract. Our 100% natural facial soap is preservative-free, perfume-free and containing no essential oils was designed to respect the most sensitive skin types and bring them softness and everyday comfort. Evening primrose, very rich in linoleic acid is one of the rare oils containing gamma linoleic acid. These essential fatty acids rebuild cell walls and are known for their softening and revitalising properties, as well as being an exceptional anti-wrinkle treatment… The unsaponifiable content in olive oil, gives it restructuring properties thus, making it suitable for dry and greasy skin types alike.
Savon de Provence shower gel. 80% olive oil. Pippermint. The super fatted SAVON DE PROVENCE is made up of 80% olive oil and 20% of coconut oil at saponification, it is enriched with essential oils. The perfectly exclusive formula is suitable for every skin type and provides a pleasant, regenerating, relaxing and detoxifying moment. The rich texture of the SAVON DE PROVENCE leaves your skin nourished, clean and silky.

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100% natural gilf box


Gift box

Théophile Berthon Gift box - 21cm x 21cm x 9cm.

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Taking care of ourselves, all naturally. A tonic shower in the morning, a delicate soap for baby or sensitive skin, a face care and a face liquid soap enriched with Primrose extract… 

Coffret cadeau Théophile Berthon - Noël
100% natural gilf box
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