Thoroughly cleaning a house usually requires a whole range of products that barely fit in the cupboard: detergents, products for dishes, floors, oven, bathroom, leather, cars and the garden…

This miracle product will meet all your expectations and will allow you to clean your house from top to bottom including your exteriors: Théophile Berthon‘s All Purpose Olive oil Black Soap.

With this all purpose cleaner, you will be able to
• clean,
• remove grease,
• polish,
• remove stains,
• nourish
• and purify all your surfaces.

Can also be used as a natural clothes washing.

For the house,
– can be used on all forms of floors and parquet, and for the maintenance of windows, which will regain their shine.
– in the kitchen, it effectively cleans the grease encrusted inside your oven, the stains on your pans, your fryers, your hobs. Silverware and copper will be like new again.
– in the bathroom or toilet, it will scour sinks and toilets thoroughly.

For laundry, by hand and in the washing machine, Théophile Berthon Multi-Purpose Black Soap is used like a classic detergent.

For painting, it ensures your brushes a long life and a beautiful silky coat after use.

In the garden, to fight all the insects that attack roses and plants, it acts as a repellent against aphids, red spiders, scale insects.

For all types of vehicles,
– for external use, washes and shines the bodywork.
– for internal use, it is just as effective for cleaning and polishing the dashboard – especially since it is antistatic -, as for leather or fabric seats, carpets, etc.

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Product Information

1L bottle (33.81 fl oz).
Concentrated formulation: 100% pomace olive oil during saponification.
Perfect for letting your young children roam around the house.
Colorants free, petrochemicals free, preservatives free.
The texture and color of this soap, made with natural vegetable oils, can vary depending on the lots and change throughout time.
Provence Lavender perfume.
Made in France.


TIPS FOR THE HOME Home-made recipe for a household product In a spray bottle in 1 liter of water dilute 1 tablespoon black SOAP. All your surfaces clean and degreased. Whether your plans work, stoves, plates hobs, sinks, hoods, ovens, appliances… use the black SOAP to clean and degrease them.All surfaces of your own health For your bathtubs, showers, washbasins and regardless of their materials, stainless steel, tile, acrylic, earthenware, porcelain… use the black SOAP to clean and degrease them. Black SOAP to take care of your laundry You can use it both as traditional detergent and stain remover to overcome stubborn stains before washing. Not to mention that by adding white vinegar, you will reduce your dose and in addition, combat the limestone (on clothes and in your machine). Your laundry will be softer. – For a washing machine, pour 2 tablespoons of liquid soap in the drawer. – If task: Before washing, remove the black, liquid, SOAP on the stain. Let 15 minutes, then put into machine. If stains are set-in, you can leave the black SOAP on several days, until the next laundry. Feed and care for leather Because the black Théophile Berthon SOAP contains only olive oil, you can use it to clean, maintain and nourish leather: your sofas, domestic cars, jackets, leather upholstery… – Warning: careful not to rub too hard may discolor the leather. – Do a screening test on a non visible part of your couch, jacket… – On a cloth, put a little SOAP, then rub. Your leather will find its brilliance and will remain flexible. Vegetable Glycerin will leave a protective coating.

GARDEN TIPS Alternative to pesticides, fungicides and other chemical herbicides. 1. Insecticide universal 1 tablespoon of black SOAP / 4 liters of hot water Shake and cool. Pour into a spray bottle 2. Reinforced universal insecticide express 1 teaspoon of black SOAP, 2 teaspoons of Cayenne Pepper, 2 tablespoons garlic powder cafe and 2 cups of water Shake and pour into a spray bottle INSECTS (aphids, whiteflies, ants, mites, mealy bugs…) Repellent because basic pH. Preparing exchange surface of the sheet making it alkaline. Off fungi and insects require an acidic environment to grow. o Whitefly: coats and smothers the eggs and larvae o Scales: removes the floury protection o Othiorinques larvae: potash coats, asphyxia and dries out. Dilute water between 5 and 7% of ds black SOAP. Spray.
GARAGE & DIY tips Clean and shine your car, motorcycle, bike… You can use the black SOAP to clean the body and interior plastics for your car (the dashboard for example). – Put a little SOAP on a sponge. Then wash and rinse. And for removing stubborn stains type: tar, resin… Sprinkle your baking soda sponge. – For the body, dilute 2 tablespoons in 2 liters of water. Degrease your barbecue When sunny days are here, it is nice and friendly to a barbecue! And to reset your grids in state here is what you can do. – Put some SOAP on your brush, sprinkle the baking soda. Then, rub. You’ll just rinse with hot water.
How to prolong the life of your brushes As the professional, clean your brushes with black SOAP, and they will remain flexible and pleasant when you use.



**Ingredients from natural origin.

Origin: 99% natural.


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All Purpose Black Soap 1L. Lavender


In stock

With lavender essential oils.
– 99% natural
– 100% olive pomace
– 0% preservatives, 0% sulphate
– Perfect to let your kids roam the house and wash
– Highly concentrated formula

All Purpose Black Soap 1L. Lavender

In stock