A savory set that is all about honey almond and takes care of your body and face. Includes a Savon de Provence, a silky body lotion and a hand and nail balm.

Savon de Provence shower gel. 80% olive oil. Almond Honey. The super fatted SAVON DE PROVENCE is made up of 80% olive oil and 20% of coconut oil at saponification, it is enriched with essential oils. The perfectly exclusive formula is suitable for every skin type and provides a pleasant, regenerating, relaxing and detoxifying moment. The rich texture of the SAVON DE PROVENCE leaves your skin nourished, clean and silky.
Silky body lotion. Enriched with 7 natural active ingredients. Almond Honey. Light and silky, the body lotion LAIT SOYEUX CORPS is made for dry and sensitive skins and it gives you optimum and exclusive skin care throughout the day. Being liquid, it can be easily applied and it has a strong penetration power: quick application, swift absorption. A naturally soft veil to nourish your skin for long. Highly nutritious properties for a soft and satiny skin!
Nutritive night care cream enriched with 6 natural active. Created to propose a rich formula for beautiful skin, first thing in the morning. Argan is known for fighting physiological ageing of the skin by restoring the hydrolipid film, neutralising free radicals and protecting the connective tissue. Scientific studies have shown that Argan oil revitalises the skin and boosts vital cell function. Shea butter contains vitamins A, D, E and K and is also known for its anti-ageing properties A complete treatment for maximum skin comfort.
Pure and organic Argan Oil Our argan oil is simply called Pure… It is made of one and only ingredient: argan oil. Nothing added or mixed in, just pure and organic*.

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Clean cosmetic gift box


Gift box

Théophile Berthon Gift box - 21cm x 21cm x 9cm.

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A complete box of face and body care, around Almond Honey perfume.

A rich and creamy fragrance that we never get tired of no matter the season. Be careful, this tasty scent is to be consumed in moderation!


Clean cosmetic gift box
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