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Taking care of ourselves, all naturally. A tonic shower in the morning, a gentle shampoo, a delicate soap for shaving, without forgetting to moisturize our soft skin…

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Black body wash soap. 80% olive pomace oil. Pippermint

Made with the traditional cauldron method by a master soap maker. 80% pomace olive oil at saponification. Reputated for its natural exfoliation properties (free of grain or exfoliating beads) Enriched with organic olive oil and made with: • olive pomace oil • coconut oil • Natural glycerin • Natural perfume with essential oils  

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Gentle repairing shampoo. Enriched with natural proteins. Shea fragrance.

Enjoy this shampoo with its light and powdery shea butter scent. It is enriched with natural proteins (wheat and almond) to help the hair reconstruct naturally, to add body and detangle easily. Recommended for damaged and/or dull hair.

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Shaving soap - Enriched in white Clay and Shea butter- 3.52 OZ

Enriched with : • Shea butter • White clay  

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Pure and organic Argan Oil

Simply pure. 100% argan oil issued from organic farming.  

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Coffret cadeau

Un coffret cadeau de 21cm x 21cm x 9cm de hauteur.

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