A special set for the men in our lives so that they also take care of themselves. Includes a Black body wash soap, the Gentle repairing shampoo, a shaving soap and pure argan oil.

Black body wash soap. 80% olive pomace oil. Pippermint. Thanks to its base formula made with 80% olive oil and 20% coconut oil at saponification, this SUPERFATTED liquid soap feeds your skin with all the natural active ingredients and vitamins that your skin needs.
Gentle repairing shampoo. Enriched with natural proteins. Shea fragrance. The Gentle Protein Shampoo was created because of the rise of petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients in hair care products. We formulated this shampoo for it to be as gentle as possible while meeting the clients’ expectations and respecting their habits. A shampoo that protects and prepare the hair for a better styling. Free of any ALS (sulfates), this shampoo gently cleanses the hair and the scalp.
Shaving soap – Enriched in white Clay and Shea butter. The shaving soap is a soap intended to be applied to a face by means of a badger to shave him. Its formula allows to lather up it in the contact of the wet badger.
Pure and organic Argan Oil Our argan oil is simply called Pure… It is made of one and only ingredient: argan oil. Nothing added or mixed in, just pure and organic*.

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Full care man gift box


Savon à Barbe.


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Coffret cadeau


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Taking care of ourselves, all naturally. A tonic shower in the morning, a gentle shampoo, a delicate soap for shaving, without forgetting to moisturize our soft skin… 

Coffret cadeau Théophile Berthon - Pour nos Hommes
Full care man gift box
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