Exceptionally enriched with shea butter, 3 oils and 2 natural active ingredients, the Intense Body Balm brings comfort and softness to your skin.

It has been especially formulated for easy application and is rapidly absorbed, leaving no greasy film. Be tempted by the dense and melting texture of this intense and complete body treatment.
Drawn from the heritage of the high perfume history, discover our Iris powder fragrance. Powder, fine, characteristic, mesmerizing, very pleasant and inimitable, this fragrance is elaborated from the roots of this plant and contains patchouly and Virginia cedar essential oils.
Come and discover this ultra rich body treatment, a treat for dehydrated skins.
A specific formula, for an ultra nourishing treatment that is gentle on the skin:
• organic olive oil
• grape seed oil
• shea butter
• rice starch
• sunflower oil
• tocopherol (vitamin E)

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Product Information

250ml pot (8.45 fl oz)

The Intense Body Balm with its 6 natural active ingredients including organic olive oil nourishes your skin intensely and lastingly all year round.

It has been especially formulated for easy application and is rapidly absorbed, leaving no greasy film.
Without paraben, MIT, phénoxyéthanol, EDTA, PEG, BHT, silicon.
Created, developed and manufactured in France.


• Water

• Organic Olive oil is emollient, meaning it softens the skin tissues, fights against dry skin and is a good anti-oxidant. It contains 80% of essential fatty acids (oleic, linoleic and palmitic), as well as vitamins A, E, C, D and chlorophyll. This composition is favorable for cell growth and healing. It is excellent to heal an irritated and damaged epidermis.

• Grapeseed oil : Rich in antioxidants, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Non-greasy texture that penetrates rapidly into the epidermis, it helps fight against free radicals. Very rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, grapeseed oil regenerates the cell membranes, protects hair and helps with the reconstruction of skin tissues. Linoleic acid found in this oil promotes the regeneration and reconstruction of the skin. It has emollient capacities that deeply nourish the skin while also regulating the skin’s sebum production.

• Shea butter is great for healing the skin and has a high level of unsaponifiable. Shea butter penetrates easily and leaves the skin soft, holds in the moisture and improves the absorption of other nutrients. Since it is rich in fatty acids, Shea butter has moisturizing and nourishing properties. It stimulates the healing of the skin, protects against UV rays and soothes any irritation. It improves the skin’s elasticity and contains vitamins A, D, E, K that are very beneficial for the skin.

• Sunflower oil: Very rich in oleic acid, this oil is very stable when it comes to oxidation. It is nutritious and hydrating, it softens and revitalizes the skin naturally.

• Rice starch: A long-lasting mattifying powder, rice starch absorbs any greasy residue and tightens the pores to leave an airbrushed finish on the skin. It maintains skin’s moisture and improves the complexion of the skin. It is also known to help soothe irritated and sensitive skins. The starch softens problematic and dry skins, it also soothes any irritation and eczema. Adding rice starch to cosmetics enhances the adherence and the lasting power on the skin as well as provides a mattifying effect.

• Tocopherol (vitamin E): antioxidant, repairs the skin, treats inflammation and hydrates.

• Natural glycerin: emollient agent, hydrates the deep layers of the epidermis.


Apply so often that necessary on all the body by insisting on the very dry and rough zones, especially in winter. Mass on all the body.


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Intense Body Balm 250ml. Iris Powder.


In stock

Enriched with 6 natural active ingredients.

– 98% natural
– 0% phenoxyethanol, 0% chlorphenesin
– Dense, melting texture, ultra-nutritious formula
– Repairer and protector, optimum hydration
– Applies easily and penetrates quickly without greasy film
– Enriched with organic olive oil
– Dedicated to very dry and sensitive skin
– 12 months storage after opening


Intense Body Balm 250ml. Iris Powder.

In stock