A gift box with fresh scents for a great escape and a real moment of relaxation.

Its composition :
– 1 Savon de Provence shower gel, Peppermint perfume – 500 ml
– Camargue Bath Salts, Donkey Milk perfume – 350 g
– Camargue Bath salts, Opium perfume – 350 g

Savon de Provence shower gel. 80% olive oil. Peppermint.
The super fatted SAVON DE PROVENCE is made up of 80% olive oil and 20% of coconut oil at saponification, it is enriched with essential oils. The perfectly exclusive formula is suitable for every skin type and provides a pleasant, regenerating, relaxing and detoxifying moment. The rich texture of the SAVON DE PROVENCE leaves your skin nourished, clean and silky.
Our tips for use:
Suitable for all skin types. In the shower, apply to wet skin, lathering. Rinse carefully with clear water.
Bath Salts of Camargue, perfume Dokey Milk and Opium, bottles of 350 g
Donkey’s milk provides hydration and soothes sensitive skin.
Opium is a mixed, spicy and invigorating fragrance.
Born from the sea, the sun, the mistral, the wide open spaces and an unsuspected knowledge our bath salts are the natural fruit of the South of France, of Provence. They are enriched with fragrances from Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, and give you a real moment of relaxation.
Our tips for use:
Body baths: add 2 to 3 handfuls of Salts to the bath water. 15 to 30 minutes of bathing are sufficient to benefit from the beneficial effects of the Salts. After bathing, rinse with clear water. Prolong their effect by hydrating your skin with a rich cream.
Tip: for even softer skin, pour 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil into the bath water.
Foot bath: add 1/2 handful of salts to a basin of hot water.

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Invigorating bath gift box


A gift box of 3 scented bath body cares: a Peppermint Savon de Provence and Donkey Milk & Opium Bath Salts.

Invigorating bath gift box
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