“Iris powder cocooning” gift box


A staple set with this fine powdery scent that is just so pleasurable and sensual.

Being an authentic scent of high-end perfumery, this fragrance is simply irresistible and rich.
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Nutritive night care cream enriched with 6 natural active ingredients such Organic Argan oil.

A creamy texture for exclusive skin comfort.

Rich and creamy formula. Can also be used as a day cream.
Oils & active ingredients, their benefits &properties :
Shea : Improves the skin’s elasticity and absorption of nutrients. Olive: Hydrating, smoothing, anti-wrinkle and contains antioxidants.. Argan: Smoothes, tones and tightens the pores, Increases the skin’s thickness, Stimule collagen and elastin production. Red Algae: Second skin effect, Stimule keratinization. Rice starch et Sunflower: Protects the youth of the epidermis, Smooths and improves the skin’s complexion. Tocopherol : Vitamin E.  

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Body serum. Enriched with 6 natural active ingredients such as organic Cameline oil. Iris powder

100% natural, without water and preservative, discover the last Théophile Berthon body care, a body Serum enriched with 6 natural active ingredients, non greasy and with a quick penetratation. Made with : • Macadamia oil • Sweet almond oil • Olive oil • Organic Cameline oil • Sunflower oil • Natural glycerin • Tocopherol


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Intense body balm enriched with 6 natural active ingredients such organic Olive oil. Iris powder.

Repairing and protecting, optimal hydration, Easy application and rapid penetration, Dense and creamy texture without leaving an oily film.

Oils & active ingredients, their benefits &properties :
Grapeseed : Regenerates, stimulates collagen and elastin production, Fights against free radicals and aging skin. Shea butter : Restores the skin’s elasticity, comfort and suppleness, Repairs (sun) and protects (cold weather). Olive : Deep and durable hydration and nourishment. Rice starch : Improves the skin’s complexion and brightens. Sunflower : Nourishes, glosses and smoothes. Tocopherol : Vitamin E. 98-bio  

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Coffret cadeau

Un coffret cadeau de 21cm x 21cm x 9cm de hauteur.

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