Hydrangea macrophylla, Hydrangea in Latin, is a classic for shade gardens. Native to Japan, it grows near the coast in mild, temperate zones, which explains why the Breton climate suits it so well.

A strong color par excellence, because red creates a visual shock and catches the eye, red is rarely used for an entire room.

Red is directly associated with action, energy, determination and strength.

It’s also the color that best evokes emotions, especially passion, eroticism and lust. Red is the dominant color in places of pleasure and entertainment (in cabarets, theaters and opera houses).

A few centuries ago, this color symbolized aristocracy, sovereignty and the episcopate, but today it has been democratized with poppies, goldfish and Santa Claus.

A color synonymous with vitality and action, red influences our mood. It has a stimulating effect, which is why it’s favored in living rooms like the kitchen and living room, and in high-traffic areas like the entrance hall. Red also creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Finding the ideal location for your Herbarium will be child’s play.

At its simplest, look for strong light exposure to make the surrounding liquid glow, on dark furniture to bring out the magnificent hues of the leaves.

Sublimate your interior with soothing, natural and luminous atmospheres, for a decoration that reflects your personality.

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Plant informations

Hydrangea macrophylla is an essential shrub for shady corners, with long-lasting blooms.

Hydrangea macrophylla is the best-known and most widely cultivated hydrangea species. This hydrangea, belongs to the Hydrangeaceae family, the original species being a coastal species from Japan. Although Hydrangea macrophylla is the hydrangea of our grandmothers, many of today’s cultivars have largely renewed the range of flowers, bringing new colors and textures, and thus renewed interest in this species among gardeners.

Hydrangea macrophylla is a regularly branched shrub with a rounded habit. Its deciduous leaves are opposite, whole, large and crenate-edged. Inflorescences develop on the previous year’s wood in large, rounded flower heads. Theoretically, these flowerballs comprise fertile flowers in the center and sterile flowers on the outside. However, in hydrangea macrophylla, following a mutation, all the flowers have become sterile, and show 4 petal-like sepals: the flower balls are well rounded, and very numerous on a subject in good conditions.

Generally blue or pink, for the most common varieties, the color of the hydrangea flower is directly linked to the presence of alumina associated with the acidity of the soil. Soil acidity enables the hydrangea to absorb the alumina salts that turn it blue. In very acidic soil, the flowers are blue, in moderately acidic soil, the flowers are purple, and in neutral soil, they turn pink. It’s perfectly possible for a hydrangea bought in blue to give birth to pink balls in your garden.

Weightlessly immersed in its preservative liquid and presented in an elegant bottle, it invites you to contemplate and let go, for serenity and calm.

Decorative tips

A practical and inexpensive way to decorate your home!

The many shades of red can be used in a living room, bedroom or kitchen to create a sense of contemporary chic. In a hall, it immediately suggests a convivial spirit. In living rooms and kitchens, it invites discussion.

With its strong personality, red sets the tone for a decor by creating a cosy, warm and enveloping atmosphere.

Red and all its shades go perfectly with all shades of white.

With off-white, the strength of a dark red will be softened to create a chic, luminous atmosphere. Most contemporary interiors combine red with light colors to highlight designer furniture and pure architecture.

It also pairs perfectly with warm colors such as yellow, two colors that reinforce each other.

To tone it down, opt for the gray, dark gray and black shades. But dark neutrals also work well. The marriage will be all the more successful if the room benefits from plenty of natural light.

You can also play with contrasts by pairing vermilion red with ultramarine blue.

Red + grey for a modern urban look

Red + green for a cozy decor

Red + white for country decor

Red + sky blue for a dynamic look

Red + violet for romantic decor

Red + ecru for ethnic decor

Pure, soothing, natural and innovative, these herbariums in flasks are equally at home in the kitchen, on a shelf, in the living room, in the bedroom or even in the bathroom…

With no need for direct sunlight or maintenance, l’Herbarium de Théophile adds a touch of greenery and softness to your home decor.

Enhanced by the light of a lamp, mirror or other decorative object, these bottled plants fit in anywhere, whatever the room and style of your decor. The bottles can be mixed and matched as you wish.


If you don’t like gardening, or just don’t have the time for it, l’Herbarium de Théophile is the solution!

No roots, watering, repotting, flowering, potting soil or fertilizers – just relax and enjoy this natural interlude in your home.

Thanks to the transparency of the glass, and its “magnifying glass” effect, you can contemplate the smallest details, berries, peduncles, flowers and leaves. These Herbariums are a new way of enjoying plants at home.

The beauty of this product also lies in the fact that each plant is different and unique. Les Herbariums de Théophile make original gift ideas for lovers of nature and clean design.

If you take the right precautions, they can be enjoyed and appreciated for a long time, without any maintenance.

Dimensions of existing bottle plants

We offer 4 different formats for these Herbariums:

  • Glass apothecary bottle, cylindrical, 1.69 fl.oz with wooden cap: height 10.5 cm x diameter 4.5 cm.
  • Glass apothecary bottle, cylindrical, 3.38 fl.oz with wooden cap: height 12 cm x diameter 4.7 cm.
  • Timeless rectangular 3.38 fl.oz glass bottle with wooden cap: height 17 cm x length 5.8 cm x width 2.6 cm. Warning: Antique apothecary bottle. May have imperfections on the glass.
  • Glass apothecary bottle, cylindrical, 11.83 fl.oz with wooden cap: 21 cm high x 6 cm diameter.

Precautions & conditions of use

Natural, not artificial plants.

Please observe the precautions and conditions of use to optimize the shelf life of these natural plants.

Like nature, each plant is unique. Natural items are all different and may contain irregularities.

Do not shake the bottle, as plants remain fragile. Each plant is different, and each model is unique: size, color and shape may vary.

Keep away from heat and UV rays.
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause discoloration. Do not heat or freeze. Temperature changes may damage contents.

Do not open the bottle. If the liquid comes into contact with your skin, wash thoroughly with soap. The liquid is not harmful to the human body.

Do not drink liquid. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
In case of medical advice, keep label available and quote UFI number: M7Q0-E01V-800G-G59Y.

The "second life" Herbariums

In order to up-cycle and give a second life to certain plants, we have the opportunity to work with nurseries offering unsold stock.

These anti-waste Herbariums are then offered periodically, announced to our Newsletter subscribers, and marked with the appellation “second life” when sold at lower cost.

So don’t hesitate to sign up for our Newsletter to benefit from special offers, good deals and keep up to date with our latest news!


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L’Herbarium de Théophile – Immersed Hydrangea passion red – Bottle plant

From 32.20

WELL-BEING (n.m.): Pleasant state resulting from satisfaction of the body’s needs and calmness of mind.
Synonyms: happiness, bliss, tranquility.

Beyond aesthetics, it’s the quest for calm and harmony that has prompted the Théophile Berthon brand to bring you its new collection of unique, natural bottled plants: L’Herbarium de Théophile.

The reflection of our emotions and our psychological well-being play a vital role in our health and therefore our beauty. Indeed, well-being is not limited to body care, but also depends on our state of mind.


Contemplate with serenity, let go and let your emotions speak for themselves…

For an inspiring and original interior design, collect our natural plants preserved in their apothecary bottles.

These little bits of nature captured in a delightful vial are also a truly unique gift to give to people you care about, who are fans of well-being, plants and minimalist design.

Each plant is carefully selected and hand-inserted into its vial. Different formats and plant species are available.

These unique models, made in our workshops in the South of France, are inspired by traditional herbarium methods.

Thanks to our preservative liquid in which the top-quality plants are then immersed, these plants have a long-lasting, maintenance-free shelf life.

L’Herbarium de Théophile – Immersed Hydrangea passion red – Bottle plant
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