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A complete of body care that is all about red almond fragrance

A delicate fragrance, subtle and rich. Not bitter at all, it is sweet and sensual and kind of mysterious. It is soft and leaves a captivating smell on your skin.

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Velvet hand cream. Enriched with 5 natural active ingredients such as organic Honey Provence extract. Red almond

Our hands need targeted care along with rapid absorption. Perfect for nourishing dry hands without leaving the skin oily, the Velvety smooth balm for hands and nails gives you targeted treatment, which is quickly absorbed without leaving any oil residue.

• Targeted care with rapid penetration. • 100% natural fragrance.

Oils & active ingredients, their benefits & properties :

• Olive : Excellent antioxidant and repairing. Provides softness and deeply nourishes the epidermis. • Grapeseed : Hydrates without leaving an oily film. Regenerates, stimulates collagen and elastin production. Fights against free radicals and aging skin. • Honey of Provence : Antiseptic and emollient. Smoothes, repairs, and encourages the skin’s healing. • Sunflower and Allantoin : Protects the youth of the epidermis. Repairs, soothes, restores the skin’s radiance. • Tocopherol: Vitamin E  

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Body serum. Enriched with 6 natural active ingredients such as organic Cameline oil. Red Almond


Discover the last Théophile Berthon body care, a body dry oils Serum, non greasy and with a quick penetratation. Cameline vegetable oil makes a big come back in anti-aging care products.

• 100% natural. • 0% de conservatives, 0% water.

Oils & active ingredients, their benefits & properties :

• Macadamia : Very gentle and rapidly absorbed by the skin. Provides a silky yet dry-oil finish. • Cameline : Rich in omega-3 and vitamin E. Activates microcirculation and reduces the appearance of cellulite. • Olive : Anti-aging, hydrated deeply and repairs. • Almond : Comfort and extremely smooth finish. • Sunflower : Nourishes, glosses and smoothes. • Tocopherol: Vitamin E  

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Bougie à 29.90€ offerte

Créer une ambiance parfumée c’est faire rentrer un peu de nature dans la maison, ouvrir une porte sur un espace pur, faire surgir un souvenir... Dans cette optique, le parfumeur Robertet à notre service son expérience et sa technicité pour développer une senteur qui crée une atmosphère unique et dont l’harmonie, lors de la diffusion, sera optimale pour cette bougie Théophile Berthon.
Le parfum de cette bougie a été élaboré autours des Fleurs Blanches sensuelles. Sa pyramide olfactive: Freesia, Cyclamen, Tubéreuse, Ylang-ylang, Orchidée, Santal et Vétiver...

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Coffret cadeau

Un coffret cadeau de 21cm x 21cm x 9cm de hauteur.

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