A special set for the men in our lives so that they also take care of themselves. Includes a Black body wash soap, the face serum skin revival, and a shaving soap and pure argan oil.

Black body wash soap. 80% olive pomace oil. Pippermint. Thanks to its base formula made with 80% olive oil and 20% coconut oil at saponification, this SUPERFATTED liquid soap feeds your skin with all the natural active ingredients and vitamins that your skin needs.
The Serum. Skin revival. Enriched with 7 natural actives.
This face and neck beauty care product is a non fatty serum. Without preservatives, without water, it is composed with 100% ingredients from natural origin. Its surprising and soft texture, its delicate smell and the natural power of the properties it contains, will reveal your skin tone. With its immediate absorption, this elixir must be your must-have beauty companion.

Shaving soap – Enriched in white Clay and Shea butter. The shaving soap is a soap intended to be applied to a face by means of a badger to shave him. Its formula allows to lather up it in the contact of the wet badger.

WARNING: these properties and indications are drawn from works and websites of reference in aromatherapy, hydrolatherapy and phytotherapy. They come up regularly and for many, are confirmed by scientific observations. However, this information is given by way of information only and in no case should it constitute medical information nor can we be held liable for it.

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My darling! gift box


Taking care of ourselves, all naturally. A tonic shower in the morning, a delicate soap for shaving, without forgetting to moisturize our soft skin… 

My darling! gift box
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