3 Stain Removing Soaps: Terre de Sommieres. 100g / 3.52 oz each.

The “Terre de Sommières” was discovered in Sommières, a village near Montpellier.

“The Terre de Sommières” is a natural clay with powerful stain removing properties.

Dry stain remover for grease stains: make-up, oil, butter and on all fabrics.

Effective against stains made by fruit, coffee, tea, ink, grass, blood, wine, etc.
How to use : Dampen stain-affected area and soap, and rub the stain. Let it sit for few minutes, or 2-3 hours for hard stains. Then hand or machine.

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Pack 3 Stain Removing Soaps


Soap for domestic purposes.

Pre-wash stain remover for laundry

Savon de Marseille détachant naturel Théophile Berthon
Pack 3 Stain Removing Soaps
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