Thoroughly cleaning a house usually requires a whole range of products that barely fit in the cupboard: detergents, products for dishes, floors, oven, bathroom, leather, cars and the garden…

With this Pack, you will be able to clean, remove grease, polish, remove stains, nourish and purify all your surfaces. Can also be used as a natural clothes washing.

All Purpose 100% Olive oil Black Soap. Without fragrance. 1L (33.81 fl oz)
Now, here are the tricks so you can see for yourself how the black SOAP is very powerful to make your home bright and healthy.
Made with 100% olive pomace oil.
Stain Removing Powder: Terre de Sommières. 400g (14.08 oz)
It was discovered in Sommières, a village near Montpellier.
“The Terre de Sommières” is natural clay with powerful stain removing properties.
Dry stain remover for grease stains: make-up, oil, butter etc., on all fabrics.
Effective against stains made by oil, fruit, coffee, tea, ink, grass, blood, wine, etc.
Pure Olive Oil Marseille Bar Soap. The cube. 300g (10.58 oz)
Discover the real extra pure Pure Olive Oil Marseille Soap made with a 100% olive oil base upon saponification.
It is preservative-free and is made with 100% natural ingredients.
With no added fragrance or synthetic coloring agent, it is made by a master soap craftsman using the traditional cauldron method.
The Pure Olive oil Marseille soap is a very gentle soap which has numerous functions: it is traditionally used on the skin and hair and also as a household detergent or for washing the laundry.

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Pack Natural Homemade


Three ecological, economical et 100% natural products.

Pack Natural Homemade
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