A gilt box set all based on Iris powder.
Includes a multi-functions dry oil serum, an intense body butter, a shea butter shampoo and a hands balm.

Body serum. Enriched with 6 natural active ingredients. Iris powder
This multifunctional dry-oil serum will become your new holy grail because of its power to penetrate the skin quickly. Use it anywhere and anytime, in one simple step.
This serum nourishes, leaves a satiny effect as it perfumes your skin and hair.
Rich in active ingredients of natural origin, it will bring to your skin all the nutrition, freshness, comfort and softness that it needs.
Easy application thanks to the spray bottle format. This skincare product is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin nourished and healthy looking.
100% natural
Intense body balm enriched with 6 natural active. Iris powder.
Exceptionally enriched with Shea Butter, 3 oils and 2 natural active ingredients, it brings comfort and softness to your skin.
It has been especially formulated for easy application and is rapidly absorbed, leaving no greasy film. Be tempted by the dense and melting texture of this intense and complete body treatment.
Drawn from the heritage of the high Perfume history, discover our Iris powder fragrance. Powder, fine, characteristic, mesmerizing, very pleasant and inimitable, this fragrance is elaborated from the roots of this plant and contains Patchouly and Virginia Cedar essential oils.
Come and discover this ultra rich body treatment, a treat for dehydrated skins.

Velvet hand cream. Enriched with 5 natural active ingredients. Red almond. With its pleasant and ultra-mellow scent, this nourishing balm associates natural active ingredients found in olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, organic Provence honey extracts and tocopherol (vitamin E) for targeted care. Enriched with allantoine, known for its repairing properties, the Velvet hand cream softens, comforts and helps make the skin supple. Its flavor Red Almond is not bitter. He perfumes delicately your hands, by evoking subtly the sweetness. This natural fragrance contains essential oil of Orange and Bucchu.

The Gentle Protein Shampoo was created because of the rise of petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients in hair care products. We formulated this shampoo for it to be as gentle as possible while meeting the clients’ expectations and respecting their habits. A shampoo that protects and prepare the hair for a better styling. Free of any ALS (sulfates), this shampoo gently cleanses the hair and the scalp. Because it is formulated with wheat protein that repairs and protects the hair, it is recommended for damaged, dull and colored hair. The repairing wheat proteins are mixed with organic olive and coconut oil extract, a blend that is emollient and nourishing for the hair. Overall, a gentle shampoo that finally meets all your requirements!
Its delicious shea butter scent and patchouli essential oil will make you enjoy every second of it. Made with: • Coconut oil • Wheat protein • Almond protein

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Sensual gift box


Gift box

Théophile Berthon Gift box - 21cm x 21cm x 9cm.

In stock

A staple set with this fine powdery scent that is just so pleasurable and sensual.

Being an authentic scent of high-end perfumery, this fragrance is simply irresistible and rich.

Sensual gift box
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