Silky body lotion. Enriched with 7 natural active ingredients such as organic almond oil. Hollyhock.


Fluid, it is applied easily and rapidly penetrates into the skin. A layer of natural softness to nourish your skin durably.

• 98,9% natural. • Fluid formula. • Easy and rapid daily use .

Oils & active ingredients, their benefits & properties :

• Olive : Hydrating, smoothing and softening. • AloeVera : Soothing and calming. Helps diminish the appearance of scars and strechmarks. Penetrates quickly and leaves a velvet touch. • Shea : Improves the skin’s elasticity. Hepl scracking and chapped skin,anti-inflamatory. • Almond: Soothes, heals and provides relief. • Rice starch and Sunflower : Protects the youth of the epidermis. Smoothes and improves the skin’s complexion. • Tocopherol: VitamineE  

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