Discovered in Sommières, a village near Montpellier, the “Terre de Sommières” is natural clay with powerful stain removing properties.

The dry stain remover is effective for grease stains: make-up, oil, butter etc., on all fabrics.

It has the particularity of detaching dry and in just a few hours, carpets, cushions, fabrics, leather, tiles, waxed floors, rugs, sofas or even the seats of your car, thanks to its properties ultra-absorbent.

Non-toxic for the environment, non-flammable and inexpensive, the Terre de Sommières proves to be an essential ally for a healthy and clean home.

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Product Information

400g powder (14.08 oz) in bag.
Very effective, ecological and economical dry stain remover with a strong absorption power.
Used since the 19th century, this clay has the particularity of detaching dry, and in just a few hours, all kinds of fabrics, thanks to its ultra-absorbent properties.
100% natural, without preservatives.
Designed, developed and manufactured in French Provence.


As a dry stain remover, the « Terre de Sommières » is very easy to use.

1. Be careful not to use the « Terre de Sommières » on a wet surface.
2. For liquid stains (oil, petrol,etc.), remove the excess product beforehand with an absorbent paper or a blotter.
3. Sprinkle generously to cover the stain with powder.
4. Leave to act without rubbing, from a few minutes to a few hours. The action time depends on the size and age of the stain.
5. For the older and/or very greasy stains, heat the area first with a hair dryer to liquefy the grease.
6. Remove the powder by brushing it or vacuuming.
7. Renew if necessary.



**Ingredients from natural origin..

Origin: 100% natural.


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Stain Removing Powder 400g: Terre de Sommieres


In stock

– 100% natural
– Without preservatives
– Dry stain removal on all supports
– Ecological and economical

Stain Removing Powder 400g: Terre de Sommieres

In stock