The “Terre de Sommières” was discovered in Sommières, a village near Montpellier.

It is a natural clay powder with powerful stain removing properties.

In the form of soap, you can use it as a stick on the collars of clothes and on localized spots.

Delicately scented with Orange Blossom essential oils, this vegetable soap is effective against stains made by fruit, coffee, tea, ink, grass, blood, wine, etc.

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Product Information

100g soap (3.52 oz) with cellophane
Its practical form allows a use as a stick (rub with the small side of the soap) for the small tasks, or the wider application for the big tasks.
Made in France.


Used in this form, it proves to be effective for:
– cleaning hands after a session of DIY, painting, mechanics, gardening, etc.
– detaching your laundry before washing.

How to use:
Wet the cloth and soap and rub the stain.
Leave about 10 minutes, or 2-3 hours for difficult stains.

Renew if necessary.

Rinse by hand or machine, preferably with natural detergent.


Soap 30% and more – Sommières clay- Contains orange essential oil : Limonene.


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Stain Removing Soap 100g: Terre de Sommieres


In stock

– Vegetable soap made by traditional saponification
– Enriched with Orange essential oils
– Pre-wash stain remover for your laundry
– Ideal for removing the most dreaded stains




Stain Removing Soap 100g: Terre de Sommieres

In stock