This kit is composed of three treatments with Almond and Honey scents: a Silky Almond Honey Body Lotion (240ml), an Almond Velvet Hand Balm (75ml) and Camargue Bath Salts, Honey scent (350g).

The fragrance Almond is deep and slightly bitter, it evokes the raw fruit. L’Amande Miel is a bewitching, gourmet fragrance that we never get tired of no matter the season. Honey and Almond combined, strength and sweetness, ying and yang. Its calisson smell is to be consumed without moderation!

Light and silky, the Silky Body Lotion is made for dry and sensitive skins and it gives you optimum and exclusive skin care throughout the day. Being liquid, it can be easily applied and it has a strong penetration power: quick application, swift absorption. A naturally soft veil to nourish your skin for long.

Enriched with allantoine, known for its repairing properties, the Velvet Hand Cream for hands and nails softens, comforts and helps make the skin supple. With its pleasant and ultra-mellow scent, this nourishing balm associates natural active ingredients found in olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, organic Provence honey extracts and tocopherol (vitamin E) for targeted care.

Born of the sea, the sun, the mistral, the great spaces and an unsuspected knowledge, our Bath Salts are the natural fruit of the South of France, of Provence. They are enriched with scents of Grasse and give you a real moment of relaxation. The intensity of Vanilla for a real cocooning moment thanks to its gourmet, round and sensual notes… A beautiful escape in perspective!

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Sweet Honey and Almond care kit


This care kit is composed of a Silky Body Lotion with 7 natural active ingredients, Almond Honey perfume (240ml), an Almond Velvet Hand Cream (75ml) and Honey Camargue Bath Salts (350g).

Sweet Honey and Almond care kit
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