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What are our commitments for the safety of our products? Théophile Berthon is committed to respecting the highest safety standards for all the products it manufactures and markets. We adhere to the highest standards for product safety so our customers can buy and use our products with confidence. Théophile Berthon is in full compliance with the regulations of the European Union Cosmetics Directive and safety requirements in all countries where our products are sold. Théophile Berthon relies on Research, Development and Quality teams, which allows him to methodically carry out long and demanding series of tests before launching his products. The development of a Théophile Berthon product requires an average of 18 months of work. The safety of each formulation that Théophile Berthon manufactures is controlled and tested by independent laboratories, before the product is marketed to consumers. Théophile Berthon is proud of its products and is committed to always respecting the highest safety standards for its customers around the world.
How long can I use Théophile Berthon products after opening? Théophile Berthon uses the best natural ingredients and the minimum of preservatives in its formulations. We strive to develop as much as possible products without water, only based on vegetable oils, so that they do not require the addition of preservatives, while having a maximum duration of use. Indeed, a product whose shelf life after opening would be less than 12 months does not seem very ecological or responsible to us. Thus, for products such as creams, milks or balms, containing a proportion of water and therefore a high micro-bacterial risk, we choose without hesitation the mildest possible but effective preservatives, in order to ensure the bacterial safety of the product and a correct duration of use. Thus, all our products have a minimum shelf life of 12 months to 18 months, depending on the product, after opening.
How to store Théophile Berthon products? We recommend not exposing the products to extreme heat or strong temperature variations. Ideally, they should be stored out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place.
What is the difference between Provence soap, black soap and gentle face soap? These 3 ranges of products are manufactured in the same way, by saponification in a cauldron. The black body soap is slightly different since we put 80% olive pomace oil in the cauldron and not 80% olive oil, as is done for the Provence soap or the gentle face soap. The main difference therefore concerns the type of olive oil used. Olive pomace is made up of the skins, pulp residues and fragments of olive pits. These bring a natural exfoliating virtue to the shower gel. The Provence soap and the gentle face soap come from the first pressing of olive oil. This olive oil from the first pressings is considered more “noble and soft”. The gentle face soap is also enriched with natural evening primrose extract. But anyway, these 3 products are highly dosed in olive oil so will bring a real nutritive contribution to your skin.
Can we use your liquid soaps as shampoo? Théophile Berthon liquid body soaps are recommended for the body. Being natural, they could wash the hair but this is not officially recommended. The cosmetic file submitted for our liquid soaps only recommends use for the face and body and not for the hair. For the hair, Théophile Berthon offers a shampoo enriched with natural proteins which will be much more pleasant to use on your hair (especially on long hair).
Are your products suitable for children? Yes, Théophile Berthon products are perfectly suitable for children. However, for children under 3 years old, European standards recommend additional cosmetic tests that we have not carried out. We therefore cannot recommend our products for children under 3 years of age.
How to use multi-purpose black soaps at home? With the Théophile Berthon multi-purpose Olive black soap, you will be able to clean, remove grease, polish, remove stains, nourish and purify all your surfaces. For all washable surfaces (tiles, linoleum, parquet, ceramics, stainless steel, marble, concrete, paint, bathrooms, ovens, mosaics, windows, leather, etc.) and hand-washing linen: 1 tablespoon** for 4 liters of hot water. For cleaning cars, boats, caravans, mobile homes, and for painters (washing surfaces to be painted and utensils): 2-3 tablespoons** for 2 liters of hot water. For the garden (cleans sooty mold, insect repellent): 1 tablespoon** for 1 liter of water in a sprayer. For machine laundry: 2-3 tablespoons** in the tray. To take care of your laundry, you can use it both as traditional detergent and stain remover to overcome stubborn stains before washing. Adding white vinegar, you will reduce the dosage and combat the limestone (on clothes and in your machine). **Please note that the tablespoon should be reserved for the product. 1 tablespoon = 0.68 FL.OZ.
Why Théophile Berthon fights to offer products without preservatives? How many supposedly pure oils, oily serums, “olive oil” liquid soaps and other treatments that are ultimately… neither pure nor noble, and which are drowned in water with just a drop of oil at the end of production ??? In short, the “Brainwashing” marketing of certain shelves revolted us. We have therefore tried to do better… The Théophile Berthon teams are constantly formulating, designing and developing many authentic, innovative products adapted to today’s needs, of high quality and highly dosed in vegetable oils, and all this, without preservatives (liquid body soaps, bath salts, face care soap, bar soaps, argan oil, face and body serums, household liquid soaps, etc.). Théophile Berthon undertakes to continue to develop its products as much as possible, therefore requiring no preservatives, and to only use preservatives for products that absolutely require them, and with minimum quantities.
Why does Théophile Berthon use preservatives in some products? Because the skin also needs water… and who says water, says preservative (water being the most sensitive substance to microbial contamination). Our teams of experts therefore also work to offer “white” skincare (cream, milk, balm) with the most elaborate galenic but with minimum quantities of preservatives for responsible and intelligent products, always suitable for the most sensitive skin. Just what is necessary so that after your purchase, you can keep our products long enough to have time to use them and see their benefits. Indeed, it is essential to protect any “white” formula from microbial contamination in order to guarantee the product a sufficient shelf life, but also maximum safety of use for the consumer. In addition, preservatives must protect the products from external contamination, in particular that coming from the consumer through contact with the product, from the air, from storage, etc. The choice of our preservatives is irreproachable in order to be the gentlest for your skin, while allowing you to have access to a product with a very pleasant and innovative texture and smell. Finally, we try to vary the type of preservatives used as much as possible so that your skin is not constantly confronted with the same ones, and therefore more likely to trigger a reaction. Our formulations are worked to cause the minimum of allergic reactions, but it is still advisable to read our “properties” and “inci” lists to make sure that no ingredient is likely to cause you a reaction. The ideal is to test the product on the bend of the elbow and leave to act for 24 hours to ensure the good tolerance of the product.
Are Théophile Berthon products tested on animals or are they made from animal fats? Théophile Berthon loves animals, and European regulations have prohibited all animal testing for several years. Thus, during the numerous tests that we carry out before the launch of our products on the European market, no product test is carried out on animals. Regarding the use of animal fats in cosmetic products, Théophile Berthon also makes it a point of honor not to use any. Nature is full of plants and fruits that we transform into extracts or oils. Thus, almost all of our products can therefore claim the Vegan designation, except for our hand balms which are enriched with natural extract of organic honey from Provence. However, this honey comes from organic farming and we attach particular importance to using beekeepers who respect bees and their environment.
Applying 100% oil products to my oily skin won’t make my acne problems worse? No, just because the product contains only oils does not mean it makes the skin more greasy. There are so-called comedogenic vegetable oils and others known to treat skin problems due to acne. The composition of our Face Serum will precisely come to regulate the sebum of your skin and treat imperfections. Argan is also considered non-comedogenic. The only thing is that Argan oil will be used in the evening because it leaves the skin shiny, whereas our Face Serum has been precisely worked to penetrate very quickly without leaving a greasy film and shine. Ideal for a 100% natural and concentrated care for the day. In addition to our 100% natural face liquid soap.
What ingredients go into the composition of Théophile Berthon products? Théophile Berthon has always focused its efforts and investments on the effectiveness of its formulations and the quality of its products. A conception of “just usefulness” which contributes to our products being recognized as responsible, efficient and authentic. The quality of our products is based on the rigorous selection of the ingredients that make up their formulas. Designed to be as natural as possible and suitable for sensitive skin, these ingredients are now associated with other more modern ones, resulting from the latest technological innovations. In order to obtain the best results, Théophile Berthon is committed to using the gentlest and most effective ingredients. The formulas that contain preservatives contain only a small quantity and respect for the environment is evidenced by packaging made of recyclable materials and as little over-packaging as possible..


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