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TheSlow Cosmétique Charter: evaluates cosmetic brands based on 4 fundamental criteria:

“smart” cosmetics

Cosmetics have to adequately respond to the skin’s needs. Cleansing, moisturizing and protecting are the basics for a healthy skin, and cosmetics have to fulfill those needs by using conscious products and actions. Cosmetics should be effective, while containing active natural ingredients that are beneficial for the skin without claiming exclusivity. Any useless, inactive or unnecessarily processed ingredients should be avoided.

“reasonable” cosmetics

Slow cosmetics do not cause the skin to develop new needs and limits the number of products and care needed to maintain a healthy skin. These cosmetics does not make impossible promises when it comes to the nature of the product. Purely positive and non-stressful, these types of cosmetics invite their consumers to reflect on the way they were made and are being used. Slow cosmetics efficiently believes in naturally active and beneficial ingredients for the skin without claiming exclusivity.

“environmentally friendly” cosmetics

The cosmetics must be manufactured and used in a way that respects the environment. The most natural and biological ingredients must be prioritized in the formulas. A cosmetic product must maintain a minimal ecological impact during all stages of manufacturing and consumption. Short cycles and local exchanges should be privileged.

“humane” cosmetics

The cosmetics must be manufactured, sold and consumed while respecting the humankind’s complexity. The cosmetics must accentuate the benefits brought by plants to the body and mind. Any ingredient or technique that is potentially toxic for the human body must be avoided. The products must be sold and bought at fair and reasonable price that reflects the just and accurate quality of its formula or service.