Body serum. Enriched with 6 natural active ingredients such as organic Cameline oil. Iris powder


Discover the last Théophile Berthon body care, a body dry oils Serum, non greasy and with a quick penetratation. Cameline vegetable oil makes a big come back in anti-aging care products.

• 98.3% natural.
• 0% de conservatives, 0% water.

Oils & active ingredients, their benefits & properties :

• Macadamia :
Very gentle and rapidly absorbed by the skin.
Provides a silky yet dry-oil finish.
• Cameline :
Rich in omega-3 and vitamin E.
Activates microcirculation and reduces the appearance of cellulite.
• Olive :
Anti-aging, hydrated deeply and repairs.
• Almond :
Comfort and extremely smooth finish.
• Sunflower :
Nourishes, glosses and smoothes.
• Tocopherol: Vitamin E


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