Our bath salts are born from the sea, the sun, the mistral, wide open spaces. They are the natural fruit of the South of France, of Provence.
They are enriched with perfumes from Grasse, the world capital of perfume.

This pack is composed of a selection of 5 perfumes (5 bottles of 350g / 12.3oz):
– Monoï, which breathes the sun, sensuality and exoticism, like a caress of a pleasantly scented island breeze.
– Honey, with warm, sweet, sunny notes.
– Apricot, for a fruity, sparkling and gourmet touch.
– Verbena, reminiscent of walks along the paths of Provence. Ideal for a moment of relaxation and soothing memories.
– Poppy, a subtle and poetic fragrance.
The natural evaporation of seawater on the salt marshes, which results from the combined effects of wind and sun, leads to the production of a brine saturated with sodium chloride and then to the crystallization of the sea salt which is harvested and rinsed. Depending on the areas of use, it can then be wrung out or dried at high temperature.
The use of bath salts is particularly recommended to soothe. Also recommended for heavy and swollen legs, bath salts are added to the lukewarm water of your bath: they will gradually melt and soften your skin by delicately perfuming it.

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5 perfumed Bath Salts


Our selection of 5 perfumed Bath Salts to give you real moments of escape: Monoï, Apricot, Honey, Verbena and Poppy.

5 perfumed Bath Salts
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