A set of beard and body care products, including a 100% natural Peppermint Black Body Soap (500ml) and a 100% plant-based Beard Soap (100g). And, to complement these treatments, a decorative object for your emotional well-being: 1 natural plant to contemplate, the red Ruscus Herbarium (h17cm).

The red Ruscus Herbarium is a submerged natural plant, a little piece of nature captured in a delightful vial, for an inspiring and original interior design. A pure, soothing, natural and innovative creation, the Herbarium de Théophile can be placed in the kitchen, on a shelf, in the living room, in a bedroom or even in the bathroom… With no need for direct sunlight and no maintenance, it brings a touch of greenery and softness to your interior decoration. Each plant is carefully selected and inserted by hand into its own bottle. These unique models, made in our workshops in the South of France, are inspired by traditional herbarium methods. These plants are preserved for a long time without any maintenance thanks to our preservation liquid in which the top-quality plants are then immersed.
The Black Liquid Body Soap Peppermint is made with 100% ingredients of natural origin. It is formulated with 80% olive pomace oil during saponification to pamper sensitive skin. Enriched with organic olive oil, this superfatted liquid soap gently provides all the natural active ingredients and vitamins your skin needs. The scents of Mint are etched in our memories: chlorophyll and menthol flavours take us back to the days of childhood and traditional hygiene products. It’s precisely for this reason that mint is one of the most widely used raw materials in men’s fragrances: it’s reassuring!
Our 100% plant-based beard Soap is designed to be applied to the face with a shaving brush. Its formula allows it to lather on contact with a damp shaving brush.
The main reasons why shaving soap users prefer it to shaving foam are:
– Comfort: Our beard soap is suitable for all skin types, especially the most sensitive.
– Price: it’s much cheaper to use than shaving foam because it’s very economical.
– Practicality: airports do not allow shaving foam over 100ml in hand luggage.
Beard soap is traditionally associated with the sabre, but it can be used with any type of razor.
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Audacity gift box


L’Herbarium de Théophile – Immersed red Ruscus – Bottle plant


Gift box


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A complete gift set for well-being in & out.
In this box, discover our face and body care duo and an immersed plant from the collection L’Herbarium de Théophile, for visual well-being, naturally…

Audacity gift box
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