This box contains 2 natural body and hair care products: a fragrance-free Black Body Soap (500ml) and a gentle sulfate-free Repair Shampoo (240ml). And, to complement these treatments, a decorative object for your emotional well-being: 1 natural plant to contemplate, the green Ruscus Herbarium (h12cm).

The green Ruscus Herbarium is an immersed natural plant, a little piece of nature captured in a delightful vial, for an inspiring and original interior design. A pure, soothing, natural and innovative creation, the Herbarium de Théophile can be placed in the kitchen, on a shelf, in the living room, in a bedroom or even in the bathroom… With no need for direct sunlight and no maintenance, it brings a touch of greenery and softness to your interior decoration. Each plant is carefully selected and inserted by hand into its own bottle. These unique models, made in our workshops in the South of France, are inspired by traditional herbarium methods. These plants are preserved for a long time without any maintenance thanks to our preservation liquid in which the top-quality plants are then immersed.
A genuine liquid Marseille soap, our fragrance-free Black Body Soap is dedicated to sensitive skin. With 80% olive pomace oil in the saponification process, no sulphates, no colourants, no parabens, EDTA, PEG or preservatives, it’s made with 100% ingredients of natural origin. Surgras and hypoallergenic, it has been specially formulated to minimise the risk of allergies. The ancestral virtues of olive pomace oil are reputed to eliminate impurities without leaving a trace, and to even out and illuminate the complexion.
Based on :
– olive pomace oil
– coconut oil (also known as copra)
– tocopherol: vitamin E
– natural glycerine
The Gentle Protein Shampoo has been developed to be as gentle as possible for your hair but also in line with your habits and expectations. Formulated without ALS (sulphate), this shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp. With its Wheat proteins with repairing and protective properties, it is recommended for damaged and bleached hair. The repairing Wheat proteins in this formula are combined with organic* Coconut and Olive vegetable oil extracts, which give it its emollient and nourishing properties for the hair. Its delicious hypoallergenic Shea Butter fragrance, with Patchouli essential oils, will make your hair care routine a real moment of well-being. In short, a gentle shampoo that finally meets your needs!

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Quite simply gift box


L’Herbarium de Théophile – Immersed green Ruscus – Bottle plant


Gift box

Théophile Berthon Gift box - 21cm x 21cm x 9cm.

In stock

A gift box that combines aesthetic well-being & emotional well-being.

Body and hair care products and an immersed plant from the Collection of L’Herbarium de Théophile, for a touch of soothing plant decoration.

Quite simply gift box
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